My story as yours too can be told and shared in many ways. This is quite a vulnerable thing to do, share my raw version of what has transpired to lead me to be passionate about selling herbal tisane (teas). I am working up the courage to bring this story to this page but for now I will leave you with this...

I've been practicing herbalism for the past 5 years. 

I left the world of tech and the startup ecosystem because of my health.

My health issues have lead me towards a natural holistic journey supported by herbal tea medicine. I believe there is benefit in both the physical and spiritual when it comes to herbal remedies.

I named my company Freya after the Norse goddess of love and magick. Channeling her energy has brought me through some tough times. Yes, I've also named my dog after her too :) again, channeling the archetype of Freya has been powerful for me and I look forward to sharing more about that. 

Yes, I believe in the magickal and ethereal things we can't quite explain but perceive as almost impossibly marvelous. I'm also a realist and like to consider all possible outcomes.

I love everyone, I love you and who you are for how you show up in this world.

<3 thank you for visiting my small corner of the interwebs to express interest. If you have any questions or curiosities-- please don't hesitate to reach me at